Pizza Hut

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Pizza Hut

Another non recipe post but this one is food related at least! I know that I can cook pizza, dough and everything, from scratch, yet I can honestly say my favorite pizza is Pizza Hut. And I used to work at Domino’s  for years, but I still prefer my Pizza Hut. It’s just soooooo good, none of those saggy slices that can’t hold themselves up that I feel like every other pizza place carries. And to make things even better, right now Pizza Hut is offering a great deal – $10 any size Pan pizza any toppings. Could life get any sweeter? Not for me. So this past Saturday for dinner AND dessert I enjoyed 5 slices of a large super supreme (you gotta get the one with all the toppings) don’t worry – I shared with D – he got a whole 3 slices. : ) And with Pizza Hut I always eat the crust first -because it’s just too good to save for last.  I apologize the photo is of the box, not the pizza itself, and that it’s got greasy fingers marks all over it – I just could not waste any time take pictures. : )

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