Daring Cooks December 2011 – Cha Sui and Cha Sui Bao

Daring Cooks December 2011 – Cha Sui and Cha Sui Bao

I made this last daring cooks challenge while I was home visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. I knew the recipe required some Asian spices and ingredients that I didn’t have and since mom’s work just so happens to be next to a huge Asian supermarket I figured she could help me out with the shopping. And the recipe says that the best way to cook the pork is on the grill, which I don’t have, so I figured dad could help me out here with his outdoor grill. And with Nika around I knew floor clean up would be minimal. A great recipe to get the whole family involved.

It does take quite a bit of time though. Mainly because of the various steps – making the dough, marinating and grilling the pork, chopping the pork and combining it with the filling sauce, and lastly forming the dough balls, stuffing them and baking them.

I’d say it was a success though. The dough was soft and nicely browned, and the pork filling was delicious. Dad seemed to think there was something sweet about either the bun or the pork, but I didn’t taste that. Next time if I’m feeling too lazy to make the whole recipe – I’ll just make the meat – that alone is delicious!

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    • Vicky says

      Thanks! I definitely recommend making these at home — or if you get too lazy just make the pork — it’s delicious on it’s own too!

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