October 2012 Traffic and Income Report – $825

October 2012 Traffic and Income Report – $825

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Hello All – D here.

We’ve been making our way through Asia and struggling to travel and blog (on two blogs, one travel and one food) at the same time. As I mentioned before, it’s been difficult keeping up the same consistency as before, and internet in China is the worst we’ve come by. Still, we have some ideas for great ways to bring new cuisine to the blog, so I’ll just spoil the surprise now:

Cooking Schools

Yes, cooking schools. In fact, at this very moment Vicky is taking her first cooking lesson at Yangshuo Cooking School in China. Sad you can’t join in? Well, we’re going to be bringing these authentic Asian recipes to you on the blog! As soon as Vicky cooks them, she’ll write up the recipes and post them on the blog. So, expect new Asian recipes from wherever we travel, because there’s a lot of cooking schools that Vicky wants to attend and the featured country will be changing every few weeks!


Traffic has been holding steady month over month and we’re happy to be hanging in there. We appreciate everyone who continues to follow the blog despite the changing face and the decline in post frequency. Above all, we’re committed to seeing it though and not letting it fade as we travel from country to country.

September Breakdown:

BlogHer – $39.22
Google Adsense – $81
The Thesis Theme – $0
Hostgator – $0
Direct Advertising – $705

Grand Total: $825

Income Summary:

You may have noticed this sneaky little category known as “Direct Advertising” that seems to be trumping our usual $120/month income. Essentially, Vicky and I have decided to open up the blog to more direct methods of advertising. This usually means, for example, that a company might offer us money to include their link in a post we write. We feel comfortable with this because it doesn’t dictate the content we write OR slow down the site, it simply showcases a resource on the web. We have done this with the travel blog as well and experienced a lot of success.

On another note – BlogHer has been getting worse and worse (despite consistent pageviews).

How To Set Up Google Adsense:

In our last income update we had a few questions related to setting up Google Adsense and I thought this month’s post might be a good place to address it. For us, Google Adsense has be our most consistent month to month income (somewhat surprisingly I might add). I think if you are getting at least 20k pageviews a month it can definitely be worth it. One caveat though is that some blog themes tend to do better with adsense than others. For example, I think that food blogs work well for Google ads, but travel blogs do not (so you rarely see them with Google ads). Here are the steps for installing Adsense:

  • Go to Google Adsense and create an account. In the top right corner you will see a place that says “New to adsense, sign up now” with a red box. Click it! The steps are easy and it only takes a few minutes. You will need to create a google account or indicate that you will want to use an existing one. This is an application process and your site must be approved.

  • Once your site is approved you will get an email to your google account, then log back in and it should look something like this (I blocked out the earnings):
  • Then click on “My ads” (top left) then “+ New Add Unit” and it should look something like this:
  • This is where you create your ad. You have to name it so you can track it. Then be conscious of the size (width x height). It is probably going to go in your sidebar, so consider that width, though some people put them at the top of their website or at the bottom. I think image only ads are the best. If you know more about what you are doing you can style it differently or ad backup ads for when Google has nothing to show.
  • When you are done click “Save and get code” at the very bottom. You will get the code for your ad. Copy it and put it in your wordpress sidebar. You will need to go to Appearance >> Widgets >> then create (grab) a text widget and put it in your side bar and paste the code, like this:
  • The code usually takes about 24 hours to become active, and you can track the progress in Google Adsense (where you logged in before).
If you have any questions, write them in the comments!

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  1. says

    It’s great that you share about the income of your blog. I just signed up with an ad network-not approved yet. But I guess I shouldn’t expect much ftom it unfortunately. I’m hoping to earn a luving from my blog in the not too distant future. Is this just a dream or can it actually be done?

    • Vicky says

      Unfortunately it seems to be way more difficult to make an income from a blog than I once thought. I think it still is possible but it definitely requires a significant amount of work and a lot of factors play into it. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the Pinch of Yum blog but they too have monthly income and traffic reports and they have really been able to make a full time income off the blog which is certainly inspiring. Best of luck though and let me know if you have any questions.

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