Announcing Our Partnership With Arribaa!

Announcing Our Partnership With Arribaa!

As you may know I also run a travel blog ACoupleTravelers, where we are always on the look out for opportunities to combine with travel companies. Recently, we were approached by Arribaa about becoming sponsors and we jumped right on it!

The idea fits very nicely with our travel personalities. If you’ve been following our travels, you might notice that we’re constantly on the look out for local interactions – the type of experiences you can’t find in a guide book. Whether it be Couchsurfing, volunteering, or simply making our way from place to place, Vicky and I are seeking full travel immersion. 

Travel, like everything in today’s world, is an evolving, ever-changing process. Long gone are the days of traveling at a distance; simply hitting the major tourist sites and then heading home. People are looking for more authentic experiences, which is half the reason why websites like Couchsurfing have skyrocketed.

That’s where Arribaa comes in.


Arribaa is an online marketplace to discover and book unique experiences offered directly by passionate, talented locals.

We’ve all been stuck in this situation before… you’re traveling to a place and you want to do something cool, authentic and unique. You don’t want to be herded around like a sheep or constantly be checking your guidebook, but you don’t want to miss out on the hidden treasures by blindly wandering around by yourself either. Even if you have a local host to stay with, they probably don’t have the time or similar interests to show you a good time.

Well Arribaa finds local people who are passionate about sharing the things they love about their hometown with travelers – whether that’s indulging in a good cocktail, discovering laneway graffiti or finding a perfect outlet for your love of photography. Arribaa’s platform lets adventurous travelers connect directly to locals who are most often travelers themselves and will wow your socks off with their local knowledge and show you the best time for what you’re actually interested in. In return, your travel dollars stay in the local community and help those locals realize their own passions and dreams.

In fact, the website already has over 110 quirky experiences in eight countries, all led by awesome local hosts who earn extra money by sharing the things they love with fellow travelers. The experiences are unique, unusual things that regular tourists won’t get access to. It’s a growing collective of awesome travel experiences – for real travelers, by real travelers.


It was started by a trio of travelers who realized that their most amazing travel memories were created when they found an enthusiastic local who took the proper time and effort to show them a rocking time. And they figured, surely there must be a better way to connect those experience-thirsty travelers with awesome locals who can give them exactly what they’re looking for – authentic, fun & unique experiences!


It’s free for local hosts to sign up and create their own unique experiences based on the things they love to do. Hosts decide how often and for how much they can offer an experience – it’s totally up to you! Travelers search all over the world for things they are curious about to see where they can check them out, or they can see what’s available in the town they’re currently visiting to get an idea of what the actual people there love to do (hint: it’s probably NOT the things they tell you in a tourist brochure!). Travelers and hosts then email through the site’s secure message and payment system to confirm times and dates, and voila!… an awesome experience in in the making!


Hell, yes! Arribaa is changing the way that people explore the world, including their own backyards. Pursuing your passions by hosting an experience is a nifty way to rediscover your interests and see them through a fresh perspective simply by sharing them with other travelers. Oh yea… and you’re getting paid to spend more time doing things you love. And you’re scoring brownie points with the travel gods by giving another traveler the chance to experience something amazing, offbeat and original. Get started as a host today and get rewarded for making awesome travel experiences happen worldwide!

So join now and fill out your profile!

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  1. says

    Congrats on the sponsorship! Experiencing site seeing from a local who knows where to take you is the best! I’ve had that opportunity a few times and the memories will last forever.

    • Vicky says

      Completely agree. Our best meals abroad have been with locals taking us to their favorite restaurants and ordering their favorite dishes. I think Arribaa is definitely a great concept as it empowers locals and allows them to share their favorite places with tourists while also being able to make some extra money too. I hope more people sign up so there will be opportunities worldwide. We saw that there is a girl hosting an experience in Hanoi Vietnam so we are looking forward to trying that out in a few weeks!

    • Vicky says

      Funny you should mention that – Dave just finished reading it and is actually re-reading it again! Now he’s all in the motivational entrepreneurial spirit and is ready to branch out to more online businesses! I’m going to start reading it soon. Have you read it? Know any other books worth reading like it?

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