December 2012 Traffic and Income Report – $837

December 2012 Traffic and Income Report – $837

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Hello All – D here.

Just the other day Vicky and I arrived in Thailand where we’re going to be spending 30 lovely days in Bangkok, Phuket, and probably a few other islands. Vicky’s parents are coming and we’re really looking forward to some R&R.

And of course, Thai cuisine.

Vicky has already signed up for a 6 day intensive cooking class in Thailand. I hope everyone is enjoying the diverse selection of recipes that we’re bringing to the blog, as there are many more to come.


Despite December being a heavy month for holidays, it was the best month we’ve had on AvocadoPesto since August, and one of the best months ever. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what brought all the traffic, but we have been soliciting the help of an assistant who focuses on Social Media promotion and have noticed an increase in Facebook views as a result. Having an assistant to help with our blogs is experimental for us and we’ve only recently begun to delve into what a third person can do, but we’re hoping it will allow Vicky and I to focus on the writing as well as some other business endeavors, while maintaining a proper social media presence..

December Breakdown:

Page Views - ap dec

BlogHer – $80.56
Google Adsense – $106.76
The Thesis Theme – $0
Hostgator – $0
Direct Advertising – $650

Grand Total: $837.32

Income Summary:

Over the last two months we’ve received a lot of inquiries about our Direct Advertising income and I wanted to address them here. For example, what is it and where does it come from?

When I write Direct Advertising I am talking about advertising on the blog that is separate from banner ads and Google Adsense. For example, you might notice that we sometimes have guest posts showcasing a cuisine that doesn’t look like it’s from somewhere we are traveling to (i.e Canary Islands) or that Vicky mentions a link that seems a little out of place. In these cases companies are paying us to include their link as sort of an in content advertisement. We prefer to keep these to a minimum, particularly when it’s entire posts, but it is something that we plan on continuing for the time being as it is a substantial source of revenue for the blog.

You may also be wondering where we find these companies. Well, in many cases they find us, particularly, the travel blog. I don’t know why but many of the companies that are interested in this form of advertising are travel companies. They email us and we pitch the food blog as something else they might be interested in. Naturally, this makes it difficult to do yourself if you are interested but don’t have a travel blog. Still, I can recommend the following:

Talk with other bloggers: I strongly encourage people to trade contacts if they are interested in connecting with advertisers. For example, let’s say you have one person that reached out to you. Talk to someone else and maybe you can trade, now you have two. Talk to someone else, and now you have four. Get the idea? It’s difficult to go it alone, I think, so be bold. In fact, feel free to start with us, as we are always interested in trading contacts – just shoot us an email.

Cold email companies: Email companies that are related to your niche and see if they are interested in advertising. Most will not get back to you, some will say no, and perhaps a few will say yes. Maybe you spend two hours and only get one person, but if that person pays you $150 then it’s not a bad use of one’s time.

If you have any questions, write them in the comments!

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  1. says

    Hi love reading these reports, if you haven’t done so already can you set up a page/catergory for the income reports so they’re easier to find?



  2. says

    837–that is pretty awesome…I have yet to get anyone to click on my google ads…any suggestions to actually start seeing clicks?

    • Vicky says

      We put up three Adsense ads, long veritcal banners on the sidebar. What’s your placement like? What banners do you go with? Are you using images (I think you should) over text only?

      • says

        Hmmm I do only use the smaller ads…I think your right I should try out the long vertical banners and images only…is there a way to be specific about which ads are displayed?

  3. says

    I do cold emails and they have panned out with free items for giveaways. I haven’t been paid yet by a brand to post and promote/amplify on my blog but have focused on growing my readership and following. I am confident that will pay off. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

    • Vicky says

      I too have decided to revamp the blog to try to grow my readership and following. Will be interesting to see how things go.

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