Soft Boiled Egg Avocado Toast {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free}

Soft Boiled Egg Avocado Toast {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free}

A simple open faced breakfast sandwich that will perfectly jump start your day made with toast, soft boiled eggs, pea sprouts, avocado and a squeeze of lemon. Follow up with a glass of chilled Prosecco to celebrate a holiday or weekend

open faced egg sandwich

While my parents were visiting us in Phuket we had the luxury of staying in a condo right on the beach with a fully equipped kitchen. I wasted no time and started with preparing breakfast for everyone.

Back in DC I always used to eat hard boiled eggs for breakfast; simple but I loved it. Over the past 4 months, with all our hostel stays (none of which had a kitchen) I was never able to make eggs for breakfast (tear, tear). And that has seriously been depressingly sad sad sad. You see I love a hot breakfast. I didn’t even realize how much I loved it until it was taken from me! And now I really appreciate eggs for breakfast like no other.

Nothing made me happier than being able to make my own breakfast the way I like it while in Phuket. First it was just hardboiled eggs. Then I threw avocado into the mix. Then I decided to soft boil them. Stuff got real crazy!

And then I came up with this killer open faced sandwich. I used to be all about hard boiled eggs. None of that dripping eggy mess for me. Over time though I’ve crossed to the other side – the runny egg side. It’s all soft boiled eggs for me now.

While Dave was snoozing my parents and I had worked out our morning routine. A 7:30 walk along the beach, followed by a short ocean swim and snorkeling session, then a quick dip in the condo pool, and some morning exercises,  before I would set off to make breakfast. In the meantime my mom would make us some coffee (instant – just the way we like it).

Ever tried coffee with coconut milk instead of regular milk? You really must. It becomes even creamier and no cows are harmed in the process.

The best part of the morning routine though? The chilled glass of prosecco that comes after the coffee and breakfast.

Not a bad way to start the day.

For a week I was spoiled by these extravagant breakfast sandwiches, and now it’s back to crackers and bananas to start the day (no more coffee, nor prosecco).

And worst of all after the quickest week of all time, my parents are back in the states and it’s back to international calling to get ahold of them.

For all you out there with a full kitchen right around the corner make this for breakfast asap! You won’t be disappointed  And definitely follow this up with a glass of prosecco. Or maybe even two.

And then at that point you might as well get started on brunch or lunch.

open faced egg sandwich



Yields 1

Soft Boiled Egg Avocado Toast

Quite possible one of my new favorite breakfast dishes. A must try!

10 minPrep Time

10 minTotal Time

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  • 2 piece of bread, toasted (*use gluten free bread for gluten free version)
  • 2 soft boiled eggs, peeled and sliced
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/2 lime,
  • 1/2 cup shredded Rotisserie chicken or cold cuts
  • handful pea shoots (or alfalfa sprouts)


  1. Spread avocado on toast.
  2. Top with chicken or cold cuts, eggs, and pea shoots. Sprinkle with fresh lime juice.
  3. Serve immediately!
Recipe Type: Breakfast

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  1. says

    I adore soft-boiled eggs, but I’m with you – I love a good hard-boiled version for breakfast. Prosecco after breakfast? Sounds like a wise part of the morning routine to me! 😉

    • Vicky says

      Haha yes I do like a glass of chilled prosecco after breakfast! Was so good having my parents visit as my mom loves this morning routine just as much! Had fresh mangosteens and longans for breakfast this morning in our Koh Lanta hostel but definitely could have used some hard boiled eggs!

    • Vicky says

      Avocados and anything make the best combination (especially eggs)! Feel free to skip the poultry on this one!

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