May 2013 Traffic And Income Report

ap may page sources

Hello All – D here. Income report here! Sorry we’ve been a bit late this month but we’ve been traveling. Technically that’s an excuse for every month, but this month in particular we’ve been traveling more strenuously than ever since we are now in Europe and had some visitors i.e Vicky’s mom. Traffic: Traffic this… 

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April 2013 Traffic and Income Report – $669

Page Views - ap apr

Hello All – D here. Currently we’re in Cambodia and, unfortunately, we didn’t manage to do any cooking classes here…yet. Let’s take a look at how the site performed this month. Traffic: While March was AvocadoPesto’s best month to date, we took a sharp hit in April in traffic, coming in at about 10k pageviews… 

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March 2013 Traffic and Income Report – $1721

Page Views - ap mar

Hello All – D here. Currently we’re in Laos and Vicky is at a cooking class. I figured I’d try to make myself equally as useful by writing our March income post before she gets back.  Let’s dive in, shall we? Traffic: March was AvocadoPesto’s best traffic month ever, beating August by a hair. A… 

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February 2013 Traffic and Income Report – $1094

Page Views - ap feb

Hello All – D here. After a month in Myanmar we’re back in Thailand for a few weeks. I wouldn’t say Myanmar flew by – it went at a medium pace. We liked it, didn’t love it. Unfortunately, the two cooking classes that Vicky had scheduled in Myanmar fell through and we won’t be able… 

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January 2013 Traffic and Income Report – $1260

Page Views - ap jan

Hello All – D here. Another month another country. By the time you read this we will have just landed in Burma (and yes, we have cooking classes scheduled there too – can you believe it?!?). But for now, we’ve still got some catching up to do with Thailand. Vicky did a total of 5… 

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December 2012 Traffic and Income Report – $837

Page Views - ap dec

Post By D Hello All – D here. Just the other day Vicky and I arrived in Thailand where we’re going to be spending 30 lovely days in Bangkok, Phuket, and probably a few other islands. Vicky’s parents are coming and we’re really looking forward to some R&R. And of course, Thai cuisine. Vicky has… 

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November 2012 Traffic and Income Report – $1027

November Traffic AvocadoPesto

Post By D Hello All – D here. We’re finishing our last days in China, or, as I like to call it “where internet comes to die”. It’s been difficult maintaining our two blogs ( one travel and one food) but, given that it is our only source of income at the moment, we are sticking with… 

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Announcing Our Partnership With Arribaa!


As you may know I also run a travel blog ACoupleTravelers, where we are always on the look out for opportunities to combine with travel companies. Recently, we were approached by Arribaa about becoming sponsors and we jumped right on it! The idea fits very nicely with our travel personalities. If you’ve been following our… 

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Beautiful Seaglass Jewelry By SamiSeaglass – Guest Post by D

SamiSeaglass FB Banner

You might be wondering what a seaglass post has to do with a food blog. Actually, not a lot. But here at Avocadopesto we support people who support us, and it just so happens my parents have a small seaglass jewelry shop that we would like to feature here. Now you may be wondering… What… 

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October 2012 Traffic and Income Report – $825


Post By D Hello All – D here. We’ve been making our way through Asia and struggling to travel and blog (on two blogs, one travel and one food) at the same time. As I mentioned before, it’s been difficult keeping up the same consistency as before, and internet in China is the worst we’ve… 

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September 2012 Traffic and Income Report – $128.37

Sept Page Views AP

Post By D Hello All – D here. This month was our first month running two blogs, full time, while traveling. We we’re hoping to be able to keep up with the same post frequency, but, unfortunately, we hit a few road blocks. Internet was hard to come by, as well as time to write. We’re… 

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August 2012 Traffic and Income Report – $117.31

August Traffic

Post By D Hello All – D here. Last month we monetized Vicky’s blog for the first time. July was a half month for us, and what a ride it was. August was our first full month – was it all just a fluke? Nope. Turns out, at least to some degree, this blogging stuff… 

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