Paprika Broiled Lobster Tails with Sriracha Aioli {GF, DF}

Paprika Broiled Lobster Tails with Sriracha Aioli makes for a delicious and elegant seafood feast. Only a handful of ingredients and ready in 30 minutes. Easier to make than you think! Both gluten free and dairy free too.  Getting fancy on you today. Yep we’re serving paprika broiled lobster tails over here. Now you might… 

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Holiday Broiled Chicken with Pesto and Romesco Sauce {GF, DF}

This holiday broiled chicken with pesto and romesco sauce recipe is ready in 30 minutes and full of holiday cheer from the vibrant green basil pesto and the red roasted pepper romesco sauce. Both gluten free and dairy free. Perfect for holiday … Read More »

Slow Cooker Asian Chicken {GF, DF}

Only nine ingredients required for this shredded tender, fall apart in your mouth slow cooker Asian chicken. Set it and forget it. 15 minutes of prep required and the slow cooker does the rest. Gluten Free and Dairy Free too.   After my … Read More »

Clementine and Lime Mimosas

Instead of the standard orange juice mimosas make clementine and lime mimosas with prosecco instead. The tartness of the lime and light sweetness of the clementine doesn't overpower the gently and bubbly beverage and makes for a perfect starter … Read More »

Asian Tuna Wrap {GF, DF}

This Asian Tuna wrap is a simplified version of the classic Japanese tuna hand roll, except it's ready within minutes and made with canned tuna, cucumber and avocado. Low calorie, low carb. Have lunch on the table in minutes. Gluten Free + Dairy … Read More »

Caribbean Fish Curry {GF, DF}

This Caribbean Fish Curry recipe is a one pot meal ready in 30 minutes that is a creamy blend of coconut milk, tomatoes, curry spices and tender red snapper. Both Gluten Free and Dairy Free.  What's your favorite fish? Mine probably has to be … Read More »

Pineapple Seltzer Fizz {GF, Vegan, Refined Sugar Free}

Pineapple Seltzer Fizz is the ultimate refreshing refined sugar free soda alternative. Enjoy this refreshing fruit filled healthy beverage! Gluten Free and Vegan.  If you know anything about me you know I love my seltzer water. And I … Read More »

Vegan Olive Quinoa Salad {GF}

Vegan Olive Quinoa Salad makes for the perfect light and refreshing meatless meal. Made with only seven ingredients, (including the magical Castelvetrano olive) and ready within minutes. This is the light holiday meal you've been looking for. Gluten … Read More »

Healthy Patatas Bravas with Vegan Spicy Tomato Aioli {GF}

A healthier spin on the Spanish classic Patatas Bravas recipe. This time made with boiled then pan fried potatoes and served with a vegan spicy tomato aioli. Talk about comfort food at its finest.  It should come as no surprise that I am a … Read More »

Vegan Gluten Free Apple Crisp with Butternut Squash

Spice up a traditional gluten free apple crisp by making it vegan and healthier with the addition of butternut squash! Topped with a delicate crumble of oats, brown sugar, cocoa powder, almonds and olive oil. The ultimate Thanksgiving … Read More »

Vegan Butternut Squash and Cauliflower Quinoa with Avocado Tahini Drizzle {GF}

Vegan butternut squash and cauliflower quinoa bowls with crunchy red onions drizzled with a creamy limey avocado tahini sauce make for the perfect healthy, nutritious and delicious weeknight meal. This recipe is packed full of protein, fiber, iron, … Read More »

Vegan Chipotle Black Bean Veggie Burgers

6 ingredient vegan chipotle black bean veggie burgers make for the perfect 30 minute weeknight meatless meal. These veggie burgers are high in protein, fiber, vitamin C and iron, all while coming in at 260 calories per serving. Add your favorite … Read More »

Vegan Quinoa Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowls with Creamy Pesto Tahini Sauce {GF}

Vegan Quinoa Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowls are brimming with paprika dusted oven roasted cauliflower, green beans and chickpeas. Top that with a garlicky coconut creamy tahini pesto sauce. Meet your new favorite feel good meal. Gluten Free too. … Read More »

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