Daring Cooks July 2011 – Home made Pasta with Prosciutto Cream Sauce


This month’s challenge was to make home made pasta, which I had never done before but always wanted to try. In preparation I decided to order a pasta rolling machine on Amazon first, already anticipating that I would fall head over heels in love with fresh pasta and therefore absolutely must have this extra kitchen… 

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Daring Cooks June 2011 – Potato Salad

I must say this month’s challenge wasn’t as “daring” (or time consuming for that matter) as most of the others and I did actually put it off until the last minute. The mandatory item was to make a potato salad – but you really could pick whichever one you wanted to make. I finally made… 

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Daring Cooks May 2011 – Gumbo


This was another great daring cooks challenge. A lot of firsts with this one. Let’s see. It was the first time I had ever used a dutch oven, first time I ever made and even tried gumbo, first time I made a roux, made creole spices, butterflied a chicken, cooked with smoked sausage, and cooked… 

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Daring Cooks – Edible Containers

This month’s daring cooks challenge was to make an edible container and fill it with something appropriate.  So I decided to create my own recipe. I wanted to make some light, refreshing, crispy and cold. I know there are a lot of baked edible containers – tomatoes, egg bread cups, bread bowls, parmesan salad cups,… 

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Daring Cooks February 2011 – Soba Noodles and Tempura


This was my first daring cooks challenge. Remember Daring Bakers? Well this is all the same Daring Kitchen except in these challenges the recipes are savory, instead of sweet. I must say this challenge went much more smoothly than the Daring Bakers one. And it really was delicious. I really love Japanese tempura and I’ve ordered it… 

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