Blueberry and Blackberry Frozen Yogurt

blueberry and blackberry frozen yogurt

When I planned out our 2 year traveling route I wanted to make sure we followed the warm weather for as long as possible. Sure, a snowy white Christmas is romantic and picturesque but let’s face it usually it’s just cold, rainy and windy instead. And as much as I always want to fantasize and… 

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Panna Cotta with Blueberry Sauce

Panna Cotta with Blueberries

I can’t believe summer is ending and it’s already the last day in August. I guess the only consolation is that we get a full 3 day weekend to mourn the departure of frolicking by the pool and the gloomy arrival of fall then winter. I personally don’t think there are enough federal holidays but… 

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Reeses Peanut Butter Cheesecake and my Travel Plans Revealed

Reeses Cheesecake

Get My Weekly Meal Plan Plus My FREE GF/DF Avocado Recipes Ebook. Since it’s my birthday today (tear tear, my youth is slipping away) it’s only appropriate that I share a decadent cheesecake recipe and finally reveal my travel plans. If you’ve checked out my about me page or the travel tab in the top… 

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Secret Recipe Club – Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Last month was my first time participating in the Secret Recipe Club and I’m happy to be a part of it again. This month I was assigned the blog Heavenly Treats and Treasures. Grace started her food blog when her son left for college and has since been sharing all sorts of delicious sweet treats…. 

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Peanut Butter Graham Cracker Balls


Peanut butter balls/truffles make for a simple no fuss dessert. There’s no baking required, very little mixing, no waiting for the eggs and butter to warm up to room temperature. Just a few ingredients and steps to follow. Though I never partake in the eating process here I know most people fully enjoy this treat… 

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Daring Bakers April 2012 – Armenian Nazook

This month’s daring bakers challenge was Armenian themed. The mandatory component was to prepare either nazook or nutmeg cake. Since in the realm of sweets I generally dislike cakes I went with the nazook – an Armenian pastry filled with vanilla and sugar. I printed out the recipe, placed in neatly on the counter and… 

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Crème Fraiche Cheesecake with Blueberry Topping

This was the cheesecake I made for D for Valentine’s Day. We didn’t get each other gifts. I made him cheesecake. He got me flowers.  A fair trade I’d say. I’ve been making traditional cream cheese based cheesecakes for a while now so it was time to switch it up a bit. Crème Fraiche seemed… 

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Peanut Butter Heath Balls

I personally can’t say anything about the flavor of these peanut butter heath balls – because I haven’t even tried one. But I can say this much – D loved them — and that means a lot coming from somebody who just the other day said he only ‘eats to live’ (direct quote). So if… 

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Daring Bakers – October 2011 – Povitica

This month’s challenge – Povitica. Have you ever heard of it? Nope? Me neither. Well apparently, Povitica is a traditional Eastern European dessert bread and in English can be better described as a Nutroll. Long story short, you make the dough, roll it out, spread the nut filling over the dough, roll it back up… 

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Daring Bakers July 2011: Fraisiers Cake

The month’s daring bakers challenge was to make a fraisier cake, meaning the chiffon cake, the pastry cream, the whipped cream, and the simple syrup were all to do made from scratch. The recipe said the cake would take at least 4 hours, although all components could be made a day or two in advance.  I decided… 

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Peanut Graham Cracker Squares

I’ve made these bars twice now – they’re really easy to make, and taste pretty good too. The first time I made them D liked them but did not seem to be too impressed – the second time around though, he thought they were amazing and couldn’t get enough. I made them the same way… 

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